Tamanku Seri Gombak

Saturday, August 9, 2008

the once pristine grounds have now become a rubbish dump and a breeding ground for mosquitoes

is this it

This morning they removed the cabins from the playground.
Hope it is a sign that permission has not been given, and LPPKN is cancelling the project.
If the project is canceled, it will certainly be welcomed news for us, as we have been appealing against the project the past few months, despite the insistence of LPPKN that they wish the project to proceed. In fact, us residents have been portrayed by them as the villains who are against development!
Hopefully MPS will not give permission for the project to go on, and that us residents will get back the use of the playground.
Let us hope that this Aug 31 we will have a nice place to view the fireworks!

when will we know

It has been quite a while since MPS sworn in their new councillors but till to-date there have been no news about our appeal to MPS against the the proposed project. Wonder when they will let us know whether we have been successful in our opposition to the project, and that the project will be cancelled.
Meantime, the playground is rather dilapidated and waterlogged which makes it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. At night, the place is unlit unlike previously when it were lighted up.
I guess, this coming Aug 31, we will not be able to go up there to watch the fireworks display or have a barbeque like previous years.
Fogging was carried out again yesterday. When will MPS learn that it is futile constantly fogging our surroundings, when the mosquitoes breeding in the former playground is left alone and unchecked. MPS health inspectors, where are you and why are you not doing your job? Please do something about the unkempt playground before there is a dengue epidemic!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

mosquitoes breeding ground

For the past two weeks, MPS have fogged the area thrice. But what is the use of all the fogging, if the main culprit is not stopped. Why cant they realise that it is not our homes that are the breeding ground for the mosquitoes, but the neglected open space near our houses.
Looks like LPPKN is not taking care of the land which they have claimed is theirs. Maybe it is their way of paying us back for opposing their project.
Reports have been lodged with MPS about the rubbish at the site, and the waterlogged grounds which have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but MPS have not done anything about them. If any of us were caught breeding mosquitoes in our backyard we would have been slapped with a summon. I wonder why the double standards. Are they waiting for a dengue epidemic before they take action to do something about the deplorable situation.

Monday, July 7, 2008

aedes mosquitoes breeding in our backyard

MPS is quick to issue summonses if they discover any water containers containing mosquito larvae during their health checks of our houses. But how come they have not issued any summonses to LPPKN as their land (assumed it is theirs, as there is a signboard saying "Hakmilik Kerajaan")that is Phase 6 former playground have become waterlogged and is now a dumping ground for rubbish. The grass have been left uncut for quite a while and have grown to quite a height. Hope there are no snakes there...!
Last week, went up there to have a look and saw mosquito larva in the water-logged field. At present, there is an ongoing campaign in Selangor to get rid of the aedes mosquitoes, but aedes mosquitoes are breeding right in our backyard!

Friday, June 27, 2008

a month already

Its been a month since we submitted our petition against the proposed prosperity complex to MPS. The Selangor state government has already released the names of the new councilors and the new council will be holding their first meeting in the middle of July. At the time of submitting our petition we were informed that the council will make their decision at the next meeting, so i assume that our petition will be on the agenda of their first meeting.
I hope that this new council board will be more sympathetic to our cause, and will decide against the proposed project. After all, out of a total of 224 households that MPS wrote to, 80% (simple majority?) responded that they were against the proposed complex being built on the playground. Will they listen to the voice of the majority, Or will they be pressured by the federal government to approve a development order for the project. Well, a little bird told me that LPPKN have been applying pressure on the council to approve the project....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

is this considered a green space

The Selangor MB was quoted in the Star Metro this week as saying that no development approval will be given for projects on hill slopes, and that they hope to retain at least 40% as a green lung and that at the present moment the green space in Selangor is already less than 40%. Won't the building of the complex reduced further the green space in Selangor. This prosperity complex is built on a sloped terraced area in between the rows of houses. Will the building of the complex caused any landslides or soil erosion as the complex is situated so close to our houses? Wonder how stable is the soil condition and have any consideration been given to the project's close proximity to the surrounding houses. Well... only those involved would know. Meanwhile, the residents remained in the dark about the details other than that LPPKN have seek approval from MPS for the project, and this only after the project have been awarded. Would they have seek approval if the residents had not protested about the project? We wonder...